Stop the #TrumpTaxScam!


The House passed the #TrumpTaxScam. The bill now moves to the Senate where the Republicans have made it worse by including a repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. Here’s what we need to do to kill this bill:

  • Use Indivisible’s Peer-To-Peer Calling Tool to call voters in key states with a swing Republican Senator. Use the scripts provided to ask them to call their Senator in opposition to the bill.
  • Call Senators Kaine (202-224-4024) and Warner (202-224-2023) or schedule a visit to their offices. While our Senators will vote against the bill, it doesn’t hurt to call to express your appreciation and relate a personal story as to how the tax bill will hurt you and other Virginians.
  • Plan to attend a sit-in for November 27. The Senate will come back from recess and possibly vote on the motion to proceed (a pre-vote vote) that night.

To those of you who voted on November 7… Thank you! Turnout matters. Each vote counts. Lots of people volunteered countless hours and expended great effort to get out the vote for progressive candidates. (Official Election Results)

Fifteen traditionally GOP-controlled House of Delegates seats in Virginia flipped to the Democrats,  giving the Democrats 49 seats. Three seats are still undecided and subject to recounts. (Sources: Virginia Public Access Project, BallotPedia)

As a special initiative during the election, Indivisible Arlington adopted three candidates for the House of Delegates. Debra Rodman defeated her Republican incumbent; Alfonso Lopez coasted to victory; and Veronica Coleman nearly upset her opponent.

Some more perspective: In winning the Lieutenant Governorship, Justin Fairfax is only the second African American to be elected to statewide office in Virginia. In winning a House of Delegates Seat, Danica Roem is the first openly transgender candidate to be elected to office in Virginia. We also elected the first out lesbian delegate, the first Asian American woman delegate, and the first two Latina delegates.

What’s more, it proves that progressives can win on the issues by rolling up their sleeves and engaging people with a positive message (and by working hard).

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard, organized, engaged and supported candidates up and down the ballot. Remember, it’s not what you can do as an individual, it’s what WE can do together.

Federal Actions Needed

Our mission: (1) pressure the current government to fight the Trump agenda; (2) elect a new progressive government.

As we move from Virginia to Alabama to every district in the country, we have a long, hard fight ahead of us leading up to the 2018 midterm elections. But we’re excited to build on our success in Virginia!

As always, there are several federal issues that need action. Please choose a couple of the issues below that are most important to you, follow the links to see background information and sample call scripts from Indivisible, and call your Members of Congress!

This Week’s Indivisible Actions: November 19-25

Ongoing Actions: