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***ACTION*** If your Virginia state senator is Janet Howell or Adam Ebbin, please call, email, or tweet during this long weekend! Two of Arlington’s three senators sit on the Senate Privileges & Elections Committee, which will meet this Tuesday 1/22 to consider how Virginia should draw congressional and legislative districts after the 2020 census. Will politicians get to choose their voters again, as they have in the past? Will another round of gerrymandered maps result in millions of dollars wasted on defending legal challenges, instead of benefiting Virginians in other ways? Or will voters finally get to play a real role, as they do in a growing number of states? This is an issue that will affect our elections for years to come, but to make changes in time for the 2021 redistricting, the 2019 General Assembly must pass a constitutional amendment. 78% of Virginians want redistricting reform but some proposals offer more than others. Indivisible Arlington supports SJ274 (Hanger/Locke), a bipartisan proposal that stands as Virginia’s most comprehensive redistricting legislation ever and would establish a citizens redistricting commission to draw districts independently of the legislature, using clear criteria, public input, and a transparent. For details, read the explainer PDF and watch the animated video. Arlingtonians have two strong voices on P&E in Senators Ebbin and Howell. THANK THEM this weekend for supporting SJ274 so that we can get #FairMaps and #EndGerrymandering!
Senator Janet Howell
Richmond Office Phone: (804) 698-7532
Fax: (804) 698-7651
District Office Phone: (703) 709-8283
Senator Adam Ebbin
Richmond Office Phone: (804) 698-7530
Twitter: @AdamEbbin

Arlington Dems/Blue Families/Arlington Young Democrats Weekend of Action Surrounding the Women’s March:
Friday, Jan. 18 – Poster and potluck party
, 6:30-9pm, Clarendon Presbyterian Church (3 blocks from the Metro). Bring the kids, a dish to share, and all of your great poster ideas. We’ll provide posterboard and markers, but feel free to BYO for extra flair.
Saturday, Jan. 19 – March with the Arlington Dems. We’ll be meeting at 10 AM on the Virginia side of the Memorial Bridge and walking together to the rally.
Sunday, Jan. 20 – Virginia Ratify the ERA brunch, 11am-12:30 pm, Rustico Ballston (2 blocks from the Metro). Join local and state officials as we rally for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in this General Assembly session.

Saturday, January 19, 1:30-3:30: League of Women Voters Day of Legislative Action. Arlington Central Library Auditorium, 1015 North Quincy Street. Whether you are interested in supporting the ERA, election security, nonpartisan redistricting, restoration of voting rights, no excuse early voting or want to support a fair 2020 Census – come to this Day of Action. You can write a postcard, (or email if you bring your tablet or phone). They will also have information on how you can write letters to the editor and take other actions! This is your chance to catch up on the legislation moving through the General Assembly and to make an impact! Stop by on your way to or from the Women’s March – the library is near the metro! RSVP

Monday, January 21, 2:00-5:00: Gun Lobby Day of Action in Richmond. Featured Speaker: Governor Ralph Northam. Honor the memory and teachings of a great civil rights leader who was killed by gunfire. We will also honor all Virginians killed by gun violence. Vigil begins at 2pm. For questions and free transportation locations near you, contact Kayla Hicks: or (757) 550-0316. Info and RSVP | Flyer

Monday, January 21, 10:00-4:15: MLK Lobby Day of Action in Richmond. Join New Virginia Majority to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and continue the fight for democracy, justice and progress here in Virginia. We’ll share our stories with our elected officials and ask them to support legislation for restoration of rights, a statewide living wage, and driver licenses for all. Info and RSVP

Indivisible Arlington Supports Parisa Tafti for Commonwealth Attorney

Based on the priorities Indivisible Arlington established over the past year, including criminal justice reform, immigration reform, and racial justice, we find that the platform of Parisa Tafti, candidate for Commonwealth Attorney for Arlington and the City of Falls Church, aligns with our beliefs and values.

The primary date is Tuesday, June 11th and it will be an important race that could positively impact the direction of criminal justice reform in Arlington. You can read Parisa’s platform here:

As a number of Indivisible Arlington members have approached us about endorsing Parisa’s campaign, we are recommending that Indivisible Arlington support Parisa’s candidacy. For additional information on Parisa’s campaign, visit:

Indivisible 2.0

After two years on defense, we get to go on offense. Read Indivisible on Offense: A Practical Guide to the New, Democratic House and stay tuned for actions planned by Indivisible Arlington.

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