Priority Actions

Contact Senators Kaine (703) 361-3192 and Warner (703) 442-0670! Ask them (1) to support legislation that will protect the special counsel and (2) to do everything possible to block Mike Pompeo from being confirmed as Secretary of State.

Saturday, May 12. Indivisible Arlington Membership Meeting. 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Location TBD. Arlington State Senators and Delegates will join us for a discussion about the General Assembly session! Confirmed: Senators Ebbin and Favola; Delegates Hope, Levine, and Lopez.

Sunday, May 13. The Poor People’s Campaign. Kick off 40 days of action starting on Mother’s Day. SIGN UP FOR UPDATES

June 22-23. Women’s Summit 2018. Hosted by Network Nova. Updates


Federal Actions Needed

All the Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations committee are in opposition to Mike Pompeo. This is a game changer — there’s now a HUGE chance that Islamophobic, anti-woman, climate change-denying, pro-torture war hawk Mike Pompeo will go down in the committee vote. But the fight’s far from over on the Senate floor. Last year, 14 Democrats and one Independent joined the Republicans to help his nomination for CIA Director sail through. And unfortunately, one Democrat – Senator Heitkamp (D-ND) has already announced she will support Pompeo, which makes the path to victory more narrow.

If Mike Pompeo is confirmed as Secretary of State, the #TrumpThreatLevel will go through the roof. In this crucial role, Mike Pompeo would endanger our place in the world by:

  • Helping Trump take us closer to war with Iran and possibly North Korea, too.
  • Taking no action to combat climate change, one of the greatest national security threats that we face.
  • Further damaging international agreements and institutions.
  • Exporting Trumpism all over the globe, threatening our relationships with allies and putting more vulnerable people at risk.

You can read even more about the ways Pompeo would raise the #TrumpThreatLevel with our resource here. Then, make sure to make a call this week to Senators Kaine (703) 361-3192 and Warner (703) 442-0670 to tell them that they play an important role in stopping Pompeo’s nomination for Secretary of State.

This Week on Capitol Hill

  1. Mike Pompeo will have his confirmation vote. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on whether to recommend Mike Pompeo as Trump’s next Secretary of State on Monday, April 23. Even if he fails that vote, it’s likely that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will force a final confirmation vote later in the week on the full Senate floor. Here’s our explainer and call script to #StopPompeo.
  2. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will also consider extending Trump’s blank check for war. Senators Corker and Kaine have drafted a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) to give Trump the legal authority to wage war all over the world in the name of fighting terrorism. This new AUMF would replace the broad “war on terror” authorization passed in 2001, but it would still give Trump (and future presidents) too much power to unilaterally launch attacks anywhere they deem it necessary. You can read our explainer here.
  3. The Judiciary Committee will vote on the bill to protect the Mueller investigation. S. 2644, the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act introduced by Senators Booker, Coons, Graham, and Tillis, will be voted on by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, April 26. Even though McConnell has vowed not to bring the bill to the Senate floor, the last few weeks of uncertainty about whether Trump will cross a red line have made it clear that a strong committee vote can send a clear message that Congress will protect the investigation against Trump’s obstruction. Read our explainer and call script here.

Indivisible Arlington

Our mission: (1) pressure the current government to fight the Trump agenda; (2) elect a new progressive government.