Priority Actions

Sunday, November 11, 2:00-3:30 pm: Meet the 10 Days of ERA Bus Tour. Liberty BBQ, 370 W Broad St, Falls Church. Featuring: Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy, State Senator Janet Howell, Delegate Rip Sullivan, Commissioner Elise Helgesen Aguilar of the Fairfax County Commission for Women, and special guest Karen Bate, co-founder of Awesome Women Entrepreneurs, based in Arlington. Learn about what we can do to help get the ERA ratified by Virginia! Register. More Info.

CELEBRATE THE BLUE WAVE. Democrats will control the U.S. House next year. Virginia flipped three House seats, and we can look forward to three new Congresswomen: Luria, Spanberger, and Wexton. Arlington flipped a County Board seat by electing Democrat Matt de Ferranti. Democrats did not win the Senate, but a close race in a Republican state like Texas provides some hope for the future. Carter Turner lost a hard-fought battle in his House of Delegates race, so the Republicans keep their 51-49 majority in Richmond— for now.

GET READY FOR JANUARY 9, 2019 AND NOVEMBER 5, 2019. Those days mark the start of the legislative session in Richmond and the day we flip the Virginia House of Delegates AND the Virginia Senate!

2018 Midterm Election Wrap-Up

To those of you who volunteered and who voted on November 6… Thank you! Turnout matters. Each vote counts. Lots of people volunteered countless hours and expended great effort to get out the vote for progressive candidates. Indivisible Arlington hosted six postcard parties at which you helped write over 1200 postcards to voters. We also organized canvassing events and online fundraisers, and we pushed out information about countless events and volunteer opportunities through our website, Facebook Group, and email list. Congratulations to everyone who worked hard, organized, engaged and supported candidates up and down the ballot. Remember, it’s not what you can do as an individual, it’s what WE can do together.

Adopted Candidates in Virginia

As a special initiative during the election, Indivisible Arlington adopted three candidates for the House of Representative in Virginia. Vangie Williams fought hard but was unable to win in CD-1, Elaine Luria defeated her Republican incumbent in CD-2, and Abigail Spanberger was victorious in CD-7.

A Local Flip!

Our endorsed candidate Democrat Matt de Ferranti defeated Independent John Vihstadt to flip a seat on the Arlington County Board.

Looking Ahead To 2019

On January 9, 2019, the state legislative session begins in Richmond. Democrat Carter Turner lost a hard-fought battle to flip District 8 this year, so we will continue to have a 51-49 Republican majority in the House of Delegates and a 21-19 Republican majority in the State Senate. We hope that you will join Indivisible Arlington as we track legislation during the session and work to ensure that our priority issues are considered.

On November 5, 2019, all 100 members of the House of Delegates and all 40 State Senators are up for election. Even in our current Gerrymandered state, our plan is to flip both so that we have a completely blue General Assembly in 2020!

Indivisible Arlington

Our mission: (1) pressure the current government to fight the Trump agenda; (2) elect a new progressive government.

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